Learning to Work

7 years ago

Learning to Work

The development of career standards is an integral part of an individuals pursuit of success in the world of work. Being able to develop the knowledge and skills to make realistic career plans, make a successful transition from school to work, achieve interdependence, and compete in a global economy are essential to this process.

Learning to Work

  • Students will understand the relationships among personal qualities, education and training, and the world of work.
  • Students will demonstrate decision-making, goal-setting, problem-solving and communication skills.
  • Students will explore careers and the connection of school to work.
  • Students will demonstrate a positive attitude toward work and the ability to work together.

What are School Counselors?

7 years ago

School Counselors are a type of helper in your school. We help kids with things like problem solving, understanding feelings, and making friends!
What do School Counselors do? 
  • talk with individual students,
  • meet with students in small groups, and
  • visit classrooms to teach lessons about things that will help you in school, and out of school!

Who are School Counselors for?

Your School Counselors are here for EVERYONE! We are here for every student, every teacher, and every parent who is part of the Clinton Elementary School community.

More of what school counselors do?

School Counselors...

  • Work with individuals and groups
  • Help identify needs of students
  • Encourage better interpersonal relationships
  • Promote positive attitudes and choices
  • Aid teachers and parents in helping students
  • Assist people in making use of community resources
  • Coordinate efforts with other school programs
  • Assist students with the process of growing up
  • Coordinate referrals to outside agencies
  • Assist with in-service programs for faculty
  • Participate in curriculum development
  • Provide "preventative" services
  • Maintain confidentiality 

Why would I want to visit a school counselor?

Here are some reasons a student might want to talk to the School Counselor:

  • "I'm getting picked on at the bus stop and I don't know what to do about it."


  • "My best friend isn't talking to me and it's making me really sad."


  • "I want to show you what I just made in art. I'm very proud of it."


  • "I'm new to this school, and I'm really scared!"


  • "When am I going to get to be in a Friendship Group?"


  • "I just want to talk to someone who won't laugh at me."


  • "I did a lot better on my last math test, and I'm so excited to tell someone!"


  • "Tim, Samantha and I had a problem at recess. Can you help us work it out?"


Here are some reasons parents might want to talk with the School Counselor: 

  • "Sarah doesn't want to go to school in the mornings."


  • "I'm concerned because Allen keeps telling me that he doesn't have any friends. Do you think a Friendship Group might help?"


  • "We recently had a death in the family, and I'm not sure how to tell my child."


  • "Kevin has difficulty going to sleep at night and often has nightmares."


  • "My wife and I have been divorced for two years, but we think our kids could really benefit from talking about it with other kids who are going through the same thing. We'd like to refer them for a Family Change Group.


  • "Jason seems to get really frustrated doing his homework, and nothing I say seems to help."


  • "I just wanted to thank you for inviting my daughter to participate in a New Student Group. She really enjoyed meeting some other kids who were new to Clinton Elementary."


Here are some reasons teachers or administrators might want to talk to the School Counselor:

  • "I need some ideas to help my students develop more positive relationships."


  • "John just can't sit still in the classroom."


  • "Sue is absent a lot."


  • "Patrick is new to this school and needs some special attention."


  • "I've noticed that Amanda seems distracted and anxious a lot lately."


  • "Lisa is a great kid, but she's really shy and doesn't seem to be comfortable initiating friendships. I think she'd benefit from participating in a Friendship Group."

Learning to learn

7 years ago

Learning to learn

The development of academic and educational standards is an integral part of an individuals pursuit of life long learning. Being able to achieve educational success, identify and work toward goals, manage information, organize time, and locate resources are essential to this process.

Learn to Learn
  • Students will develop personal qualities that contribute to being an effective learner.
  • Students will employ strategies to achieve school success.
  • Students will understand the interrelationship of life in the school, home, community, and society.

Welcome to the Clinton Elementary Counseling Department!

7 years ago

"Bee" Your Best"

The Guidance and Counseling Program at Clinton Elementary is designed to help all children achieve optimal growth in intellectual, physical, social, and emotional development; gain the maximum from their educational experience; and be prepared to meet the challenges of a diverse and changing world. In other words, we want children to be successful and feel good about themselves and their efforts. We enjoy working as a team with teachers and parents to help our students achieve their best. 
Elementary school years set the tone for developing these skills, knowledge, and attitudes.  Through a comprehensive developmental counseling program, our counselors work as a team with the school, parents, and our community to create a caring atmosphere in which a students' needs are met through prevention, early identification, and intervention.  Our school counselors are people who provide an atmosphere of safety, trust, and positive regard for all students.
Throughout the year, our counselors will:
  • teach classroom guidance lessons
  • conduct small groups 
  • provide individual counseling sessions 
  • consult with parents and teachers
  • coordinate special programs.

Learn to Live

7 years ago

Learning to Live

The development of personal/social standards is an integral part of an individuals pursuit of success in life. To understand and respect self, relate positively to others, make informed and safe decisions, cope effectively with change, and become responsible citizens are essential to this process.

Learning to Live
  • Students will understand and appreciate self.
  • Students will understand and respect others.
  • Students will understand and appreciate home and family.
  • Students will develop a sense of community.
  • Students will make decisions, set goals, and take actions.
  • Students will develop safety and survival skills.

Helpful links for parents

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